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EOSC Symposium 2024

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Vote for the “Developing and Promoting Research Software Quality in EOSC” session at EOSC Symposium 2024.

Prepare to have your say in selecting the “Developing and Promoting Research Software Quality in EOSC” session for inclusion in the Unconference lineup at the EOSC Symposium 2024 in Berlin.

EVERSE session, Developing and Promoting Research Software Quality in EOSC, at EOSC Symposium 2024

Voting opened on Tuesday, April 2, and will close on Friday, April 26, at 17:00 CET: click here to vote.

This session showcases EOSC’s commitment to elevating research software quality across Europe. It leverages the OSCARS and EVERSE projects, pooling insights from diverse sectors. Through discussions on software’s role in various fields, EOSC aims to significantly enrich its ecosystem.

Engaging diverse research communities will help identify new needs and dependencies, tapping into the collective expertise of science clusters. It also features the EURISE Network’s role in spreading outcomes within the Social Sciences cluster, ultimately enhancing research software quality and promoting an open, FAIR-compliant research environment, thereby directly benefiting researchers.

The interactive session is organised by EVERSE and OSCARS Projects. Please click to cast your vote!

Don’t miss your chance to shape the agenda of the EOSC Symposium 2024.